One Word Secret Of Highly Successful Women

One Word Secret Of Highly Successful Women

There are women that are tamed, shy and all for societal norms, then there are women that are not just on the top of their game, but they also kick butt. This one’s not a laundry list of habits you got to adopt to become successful. This not a quick fix remedy for bringing the best out. Read on if you’re truly up for some intervention. This piece may shake you up a bit, stay tuned.

We see inspirational women around us all the time, in every industry, from various walks of life; those with corporate careers, those changing the way the world thinks. Can you imagine, all of them have one thing in common? Yes, just one thing. It is the one that got Sheryl Sandberg on Forbes Most Powerful Women and the same that got Coco Chanel to launch her first perfume in 1920.

Believe it or not, every one of us can be successful and achieve whatever it is that we so desire. The key to that success is ‘Mindset’. You would argue that to be successful, one needs to have the ability and the intelligence to get to the top. It is true. Let’s decode this. There are two ways to view ‘Ability and Intelligence’ – one way to view it is that we’re born with it, it’s ingrained, comes naturally to us. Think of a teenager who discovers their strength of running as fast as Usain Bolt while they were being chased by a hungry dog. That happens only in movies.

The other point of view is where the answer lies. If you believe that abilities and intelligence are a matter of developing them and can be strengthened by being committed and working hard – it means you have what’s called the ‘Growth Mindset’.

Growth Mindset is the one common attribute among all the inspirational women out there, the thought leaders we follow, the articles we read about or the images we see in magazines. A mindset like this shows great signs of resilience too. Those with a growth mindset will persevere in times of setbacks and are not looking for validation from those around them.

A fixed mindset on the other hand, is associated with being easily tamed. For centuries, women have been tamed; many religious traditions against women have formed societal norms that force women into being away from the limelight. Women with a fixed mindset, not just give up on even trying to rise and shine, but are not even aware of their constant need for approval in every step of the way.

Don’t misunderstand a growth mindset into believing that you’d be the next Einstein. What it actually means is; to be ready to living up to one’s highest possible potential. If you want to gauge what your mindset is, do a little test. If your response to these sentences is a non resistant ‘Yes’, then you have a Growth Mindset:

  • People are capable of changing who they inherently are
  • Learning never stops, and one must take conscious effort in learning everyday
  • Working hard, learning a new skill and broadening ones horizon by studying can develop new talents and abilities

What to do if you didn’t naturally respond to these positively?

Changing mindset is possible. The way to do this is simple, but it isn’t an easy one. Focus on your efforts and keep going by praising every little achievement. Don’t think of the end of the tunnel as the only good spot; consider the journey to reaching there as important too. Validate and motivate yourself for every effort you take towards getting there, rather than only focusing on the result. Having said that, it is also important to keep going back to the drawing board and look closely at what needs improvement. Be open to feedback; don’t let it bog you down.


“The moment that we believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability, we will be brittle in the face of adversity”

Josh Waitzkin - Chess Grandmaster and Martial Artist