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together we can

If you are pro-health and fitness person, care about healthy eating and want to truly transform and impact the lives of others - we want you to join the Plant Power Collective. As a Plant Power Collective member, you’ll be sharing our mission to help spread good health, joy, and connection while supporting our global community with 100% Plant-based nutrition that our snacks, supplements and superfoods offer.

who you are

Influential in the community, passionate about holistic health and mindful living, care for the environment, are personal growth oriented, trustworthy, knowledge able, personable, active on social media, conversation starter, vibrant and healthy!



Fitness Trainer


Mindset Coach

Health Blogger

Health Freak

Food Photographer


Vegan Enthusiast


Culinary Expert

Content Creator

Food Blogger

Animal Lover

Environment Lover


plant power WHAT YOU’LL DO


As a member of the Plant Power Collective, you'll do as many of the following as you enjoy doing:

plant power leave

Share your love for plant-based foods & lifestyle in a fun and creative way with photos, videos, reviews, blogs and word of mouth

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Provide a unique link and code for your audience to use

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Comment and tag @plantpower_fit in all posts you are sharing

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Make a difference in someone’s life with plant-based healthier alternatives Host meetups and community gatherings

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Share our product samples with your family and friends

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Represent our brand at events


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Opportunity to make up to 20% commission on sales you generate

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Interact with our community of other Plant Power Collective members, Customers and Plant-based foods and lifestyle enthusiasts

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Discount codes to share with your audience (10% Off)

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Be featured on Plant Power channels, & host FB Lives, IG takeovers & more

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Monthly updates on promotions, contests, & sales opportunities

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Opportunity to act as an ambassador at a health event of choice

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Opportunities for photo & video shoots for new product launch, product recipes

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Plant Power products

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Share your insights and experiences on how to get a healthier body and mind or create a sustainable future for our children

join the collective

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