Plant Power Low Fat Peanut Protein Powder

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  • Peanut Protein Powder is essentially a natural protein powder. It consists of only defatted peanuts and hence it is minimally processed when compared to most other protein powders.
  • Peanuts have many nutrients and oil that provide nourishment for a glowing skin and healthy hair.
  • This Protein Powder can be great for Weight Management as it is low in fat and is also very filling. One serving of 30-35g Peanut Protein powder can fill you up.
  • This natural protein powder is made by grinding peanuts and removing most of the oil, resulting in a nutrient-dense food that has 60% Protein.
  • Peanut Protein Powder when mixed with small amount of water to create a thin paste tastes like peanut butter.
  • Now you can make your favourite Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothies with the same amazing taste MINUS the SUGAR and the FAT.
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