What is a Vegan diet?

A Vegan diet is basically a plant-based diet with no dairy and meat products included in the diet.

Why should one opt for a Vegan diet?

Plant based diets aren’t just safer and cheaper.They work better as they let us treat the actual cause of the disease.

What are the Vegan alternatives of Dairy products and meat?

Vegan alternatives of Dairy is nut milk and curds like milk from Almonds,coconut,rice,soybeans,peanuts etc.Mockmeats made from soy and jackfruit are also available now.

How do Vegans meet the daily requirement of protein ?

Vegans get their daily protein from various plant sources like pulses, lentils, tofu, GLVs

Are vegans deficient in Calcium ?

Not necessarily.If a Vegan is consuming a variety of plant based whole foods in a day, it is unlikely that he/she will have a Calcium deficiency.

What about Vit B12?

It is a myth that Vit B12 is found in animal foods.Vit B12 is made by bacteria which is found in soil.Hence someone who eats some amount of raw plant foods is unlikely to be deficient in Vit B12.

Is it necessary to eat animal foods to be healthy?

Not at all. Infact animal foods come with an additional baggage of saturated fats and cholesterol. Secondly animal foods have ZERO fiber, which is very necessary for good gut health.

Are Vegans at a risk of eating disorders?

No.Instead of focussing on the quantity of food,Vegans can be more particular about the quality of foods consumed.Hence for the same no.of calories consumed, the amount of food that can be eaten is much more.

Is a Vegan diet suitable for athletes and people doing heavy workouts?

Yes, of course.This is because the recovery time is much lesser on a plant based diet.A well planned Vegan diet can be very very suitable for an athlete.

Is it more expensive to be on a Vegan diet?

Not at all.In fact whole grains,fruits and veggies are much more cheaper than meat,eggs and dairy products.