Plant Power 100% Naked Plant Protein Isolate

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Looking for a protein supplement that's versatile and good for the entire family?

Our 100% Naked Plant Protein Powder is the answer to all your protein woes. Our meals don't fulfill our daily protein needs and hence we all need to supplement it. Plant Power brings you a versatile way to add it to your daily diet.

Boost your meals with our high quality untextured, unsweetened protein powder which is imported from USA, by just adding a scoop to your favorite prep. Blend it with your favorite fruits for a morning smoothie or mix it in your favorite pancake or bread batter before baking away.

Each scoop of 30g gives you 27g of protein that has a complete amino acid profile. It helps in recovery from workouts, helps strengthen muscles and has anti-inflammatory properties. With its quick dissolving property, this product is sure to up your plant protein game.

Additional Information

600g, 1.2kg


  • Heart Healthy Protein
  • Directions for Use

  • You can consume it during Day time.
  • Ingredients

  • Soya Protein Isolate.
  • Specification

  • They are a rich source of dietary fiber.