From Lounge Bars To Protein Bars: How Has The Indian Millennial Evolved

From Lounge Bars To Protein Bars: How Has The Indian Millennial Evolved

Bob Nelson’s quote “You get what you reward” easily sums up the mindset of the millennial population. They think on their feet, are unapologetic about their beliefs and are drivers for the existence of most new-age brands and trends we see today.

The Then

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, the millennial employee – a species that lived for the weekend, ate for fuel and slept to wake up to a monotonous schedule. Remember the uniformity among all? A 9 to 5 robotic lifestyle with the one-size-fits-all approach towards life goals and motivations. There was a shift that saw them in large numbers hitting lounge bars every Friday evening, venting the stress of the week, with pseudo-friends and compromised social circles.

The Now

A lot has changed since then. It is in transit as you read, whoever waits for the week to end to de-stress. We are not talking about hump-day binge drinking (while that’s fun too). The new approach has seen larger number of millennials who work, hitting the gym, joining cycling groups and fitness centres. One may argue that its’ nothing new. Well, here’s what’s new – a 9 to 5 no longer ends at 5, jobs are busier, stress levels hitting the roofs. The millennial can afford a FitBit but what about Fitness? That’s changing, a lot more mindful, we see them making the right choice and not settling for less, or something that doesn’t match their personal preferences.

The How

If they are so busy, how is this shift possible? Smart companies are realizing this shift in mindset and are paving the way for a fitter workforce across the globe. Apart from customised culinary plans and in-house gym facilities, futuristic companies like Google curate pop ups to introduce honest brands that complement a busy lifestyle. Brands have understood that everyone today wants to know where their food is sourced from, what the nutritional value is and whether it matches their dietary preferences.

All days work and all days play, is summarily the approach of today, ‘Work Life Balance’ is outdated. The Indian Millennial has evolved from mindless consumption to reaching for the nutrition table before picking up that Protein Bar off the shelf. Innovation is the name of the game for new (and existing) brands to pace up their offering to match them to the ever-evolving millennial mindset.